The Rocky Swap

Oh man talk about garage sale heaven. Our family of five spent the morning at the Rocky Swap yesterday. To be honest it was all a bit overwhelming – almost 1100 stalls, expected crowds of over 10,000 people, and a 4-year-old wishing to seek out the perfect toy.


We got plenty of comments on our awesome pram which is always fun 🙂 and Darby enjoyed lots of cuddles with Hubs in the baby carrier.


I may have accidentally dressed myself and Quinn in matchy-matchies. Hee hee!

Who wore it better? (Actually don’t answer that…)


I was actually pretty happy with our selection of goodies. We were very selective and thoughtful about our purchases, and bought some storage solutions for our Lego collection. As well as more Lego…

There were some pretty cool things there,as well as a whole bunch of crap. But you know, one person’s trash and all of that.

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