A leisurely lady-like high tea

It’s fun playing ladies for an afternoon. No kids; getting frocked up, and sharing delicious food and drink with a bunch of gals. Six months ago, I didn’t know any of these ladies. Two months ago I only knew three of them, and now, thanks to joining an indoor netball team through a new friend, I know them all. So when I was invited to a high tea fund raiser with them, how could I say no?

Here’s the frock of choice for the afternoon:


It’s nice to be able to wear a dress that a) I haven’t fit into for over three years (woot!) b) doesn’t need to be “breastfeeding friendly” and c) that I can accessorize with dangly earrings instead of boobie beads.

Here is the setting:


There were close to 200 tickets sold to the event this year, and they really put on a great afternoon. And here are the ladies who made it extra fun for me:


What a good looking table we were. Lots of laughs and fun stories were shared, as well as a few glasses of bubbly. It really energised me to be honest. If you know me, or if you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll know that I’m very much an extrovert, and really need these social outings to keep me going. It makes me a better mum, a better Wifey and just a happier gal all-round.

And if you’re new here to the blog, welcome! I’ve had a few people recently tell me that they’ve just started reading which is always exciting. Stick around and enjoy the show! 🙂

On arriving home after the high tea, it was back to life as I know it. There was washing to be hung, kids and adults to be fed, dishwashers that, no matter how hard I wish, won’t unload and then re-pack themselves. I flitted about these activities with a sense of calm. Yes, it was back to it, but just with a slight spring in my step.

Oh, and because I spent the afternoon eating, I skipped dinner and went straight for the wine. And instead of doing the mountain of cleaning up in the kitchen first, I decided to say hello to you all.

Because sometimes the dishes can wait.

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