“Oh I could never do that”

I’ve had this phrase muttered to me on more than one occasion in my adult life.

Like when I tell people we have moved 8 times in 7 years.

Or when I tell people we have three children and no family around.

And more recently, when I joined an indoor netball team with a bunch of other mums (we’re called “Mad Mamas”) whom I had never met before. I literally showed up one Monday night, and looked out for a group of ladies wearing black shirts and black pants. And two months later, I find myself at high tea with a few of them.

Life is funny like that.

And most recently, when I befriended a kiwi doctor’s wife who would only be here a couple of weeks and we’ve hung out almost every day with her and her 2 kids since. And I’m really bummed that she’s leaving on Wednesday because we absolutely just clicked. And it was no drama for us to invite them to a dinner party last night with 9 adults and 8 kids. One of my friends nearly had a heart attack when I told her how many people were coming. Yeah it took some preparation, but we had the best afternoon/evening!

Hubs and I really instill in our kids to at lease try things. This goes for food, activities… anything! And Chanbe gets so proud of himself when he says to us “I tried it Mama and I liked it!”

2 weeks ago, I tried playing GA in netball instead of GS. GA requires a lot more running, and I thought to myself “I’m too unfit for this position” but I gave it a go, and it turns out 4 months of exercising is starting to pay off!

So go on. What could you just try this week? Give something a go that you are convinced you couldn’t do and feel free to let me know how you go!

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