Where oh where to start

I’ve been doing a lot of standing, staring and sighing in my house lately. There’s so much to do to make this place more liveable, but it’s hard to know where to start. Julie tells me to start at the very beginning, as it’s a very good place to start. So I headed to the kitchen, and promptly made myself a coffee. And while I was at it, I ground a bunch of coffee beans to make some more cold brew.  That’s been on my list for a while. Let’s start a new list shall we? (See below)

Do you cold brew? No? Oh you must. It’s amazing! I just googled this and got the above link and learnt that the coffee should be coarsely ground. I’ll remember that for next time. So once my coffee was made, I walked around aimlessly for a while and here’s what I found:

My little man, fast asleep. He turns 9 months old this week. He’s been an outside baby as long as he was an inside baby. There goes 18 months, just like that.

Darby sleep

The toy room. *shudder*


Remember when it looked like this a couple of months ago? I think that lasted a day or 2. Yeah. A distant memory for me too.

toyroom after

I’ve pretty much decided to put half of the toys away. I’m so sick of the kids emptying everything out and then moving on to the next thing because they’re overwhelmed with the volume. So let’s add that to the list as well.

And this room, that I call the Lego Room. *double shudder*

lego room

Oh. Good. Grief. This room sends my neck into spasms every time I walk into it. And then I promptly turn around and walk straight back out. We bought those blue and grey containers and started sorting out the Lego into sizes a few weeks ago. Remember?


It never got completed, and since then, Chanbe has been playing up a Lego storm which is fantastic! Except that he’s using the couch to look for pieces. Not to mention the fact that Quindy comes in and throws handfuls of pieces in the air, yelling “abraca-zebra!” That is not fantastic. “Sorting the Lego” is a huge job, and one that I see the benefit of only half the time. So we’ll add it to the list, but I’m not hopeful…

I feel I need to apologise to some of my mummy friends up here, as I’ve been adding the most mundane things to conversations lately. Like the fact that I’ve started doing the washing at night, as I can’t seem to coordinate a time that fits in with all 3 kids. So I’ll do 2 or 3 loads in the evening and try and hang them all out, and bring it all in the next day. Have I mentioned that I switched from daily washing to only twice weekly? It means a bigger job at once, but the daily washes were bringing me down.

Oh, and I bought a spray mop and I’m waiting for it to revolutionize my mopping experience, as promised. I haven’t actually used it yet, as that would require the floors to be clear of debris.

And oh dear, look at that. Now I need to apologise to you for discussing such mundane things. So now it’s 1:20pm and I need to leave in 1 hour to pick up Chanbe and then Quindy from their respective places of care. Just enough time for a nap if you ask me…

Grind coffee beans (woo! Look at me go!)
Put away half of the toys
Sort Lego
Mop floors
Get house clean and tidy
Keep house clean and tidy for more than 5 minutes
Look out over my balcony at the lovely view and watch those pigs fly…

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