Please don’t tell me you’re busy…

… and then apologise because you don’t have kids; or you “only” have one or two kids; and then say that I must be heaps busier because I “have three kids”.

It doesn’t work like that.

I was just as busy, if not busier, with no kids, before I was married. It was just a different busy – there were more social engagements to fit in; I worked full-time and everything else had to fit in around that; I lived close to family which meant a lot more catch-ups and regular events to attend.

I was just as busy with “only” one baby. There’s no such thing as “only” when it comes to having kids. One child can take up your entire day, just as much as three or more can.

And it works with parents of more than three children. I wouldn’t say to them “well you must be heaps busier than me because I only have three kids.” They know what it’s like to have three kids. It’s busy.

I really believe we are all as busy as we want to be. To be honest, I have a lot of time during the day when I’m not doing anything. I’m sitting, watching my children, thinking “I could be blah blah blahing but I’m just too tired/lazy/couldn’t be bothered moving from my comfy chair right now.”

Like right now, there are two overflowing baskets of clean, folded laundry (bliss!) to be put away, but here I am. The dining room table needs clearing (a 10 minute job) but here I am. There’s a mountain of sorting and filing to be done… you get the picture. My sore throat of three weeks has turned into a head cold, so I’m giving myself the night off from housework. Thankfully, Hubs has tomorrow off, so I can rest up and get back on my feet.

Our house is pretty much always in a state of disarray, and it’s not because we have three children, it’s because I’m not a particularly tidy person, and I’d much rather spend my time doing other things. Like blogging. Or baking. Or playing Lego.

I accepted not so long ago, that I can try and clean and tidy all day long in between giving the kids attention, but then I’m doing a half-arsed job of parenting and housekeeping. I’d rather do one job well, and I’ll bet you can guess which one that is.

So please don’t compare your busy-ness to mine, or make it into a competition. We have very different lives, and I want to hear about how we’re in the same boat, even if it’s in different seas.

Now. I’m going to make myself a cup of camomile and go to bed.

What’s keeping you busy these days?


  1. Hi Renae, I love it. It is so wonderful that you absolutely share my idea of parenting….and housework, to a tee. Thanks so much for your great blog. I will definitely be one of your avid followers. Wow, how the kids have grown. I would love to be closer for a cuddle of the kids, some babysitting and a long chat over a cuppa. We might just need to visit Queensland to see you all!

    1. Hi Anne! Gosh it would be so nice to have you around the corner at the moment! A cuppa and a chat is always needed for a stay at home mum!
      And yes, the kids are just getting bigger and bigger. Would love to see you some time! Let’s see what 2016 brings… 🙂

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