Things people say

I had four ¬†encounters with four different people the other day that all had an impact on me. It’s amazing how just one line from someone can change your mood in an instant, sometimes for the better and sometimes not.

“We’ll get there dear”

Hubs said this to me in the middle of a bit of a panic attack. I couldn’t quite shake the stress of having to get renovations started on the house. I was stressing about money, about not having enough time for everything, and about getting Chanbe organised for prep next week. He gave me his full attention, listened patiently, and assured me that everything would be fine. And I believe him.

“You look more relaxed than when I saw you before Christmas”

A friend said this to me when we caught up for coffee. This was not too long after my little chat with Hubs. Amazing how I didn’t really know I was stressed until I wasn’t.

“No, I want to keep Darby”

Hubs keeps hinting at us having another baby. Our baby rocker was sitting in the middle of the media room and Hubs said we should give it away or have another baby. He asked Quinny “would you like another baby brother or sister?” And that was her response. Hubs and I couldn’t stop laughing. We had to explain that we would be keeping Darby as well.

“Aah another organised mum”

I went to pick out Chance’s prep booklist while I was out and about, and being new to all this, I had no idea what to do. I turned up to the education resource centre that I was directed to, but I had left the booklist at home. I had Chance and Darby with me and was a bit distracted when it was my turn in line. I said something along the lines of “prep, The Hall state school booklist”. I was greeted with a blank stare and a “yes?” I apologised and explained what I needed but that I’d left the list on the fridge at home. “Another organised mum.” I did not appreciate the comment. But I also didn’t care. She knows nothing about my life and I know I’m doing my best.

It certainly reminds me how words can have a huge impact on someone’s day and I will certainly try to keep in mind these three things before I speak: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?


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