Decisions decisions

Even though we’re more of a ‘good choice/not a good choice’ family, today’s post is about the decisions I’ve been making lately. You see, I’m not quite with it at the moment. Things are being forgotten or not carefully considered. Or not at all considered. Take Monday, for example. I decided that I could pop out at 2:50pm on foot, with the pram, to pick up my big prep boy. (Side note, if you ask him how school is going, be prepared to be corrected. It’s prep.) I decided that a few drops of rain was no big deal. I just wasn’s quite prepared for the deluge we got caught in, on the way home.

Then came Tuesday. It’s been absolutely positively sweltering up here as of late. Like, sweat dripping onto the dinner plate while eating hot. So gross. And rainy. Very very rainy. And stormy. So at 1pm on Tuesday, I’d had enough of the heat, and decided to ask my friend down the road what she was up to before school prep pick up and invited myself over to enjoy her air con. This was definitely a not-at-all-considered moment. The 500m walk down with Q & D in the pram went fine. 15 minutes later, the rain came. And boy did it come down hard. And all I could think while I was sitting there, keeping cool was THE WASHING! THE HOUSE WINDOWS! THE CAR WINDOWS! And I was powerless.

It’s the sort of thing I would get cranky at Hubs for doing – leaving everything wiiiiide open and going out.

And then there was last night. Did I mention it has been stormy? I had to go to the other side of town to meet up with a couple I’m marrying in a couple of months. It wasn’t raining when I left home, but by the time I was half way there, I was caught in a massive thunderstorm. Lightning, gusts of wind, torrential rain… I had to actually pull over at one stage as I couldn’t see anything in front of me. This is exactly the kind of weather one should not be driving in. I eventually arrived, got absolutely soaked, as I hadn’t considered bringing an umbrella, and then after our meeting was done, I had to politely ask if I could hang around until the storm eased off a bit.

It has been seriously crazy up here lately. I am very grateful that our roof got replaced before it all hit. We are supposedly in for a cool change tomorrow and over the weekend, which I’m really hoping will come to fruition as we are celebrating Quinny’s 3rd birthday then. And then it’s off to Melbourne for Hubs and I on the Tuesday.

Booking that trip was definitely a good decision.

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