Quinn is 3

Did you catch that? Yeah, it surprised me a little too. I mean, remember this little munchkin?

2013-07-21 13.09.29

Well her hair kind of grew, along with her sass, and now she’s more angelic than ever.


Don’t get me wrong. She still loves to be Captain Underpants.


But her tastes have certainly changed over the last year or so. To commemorate this auspicious occasion, I was adamant that I wanted to re-create the little garden tea party that didn’t quite go to plan at her Baptism. Except, it seems that our little girl is somewhat of a rainmaker, and for the few days leading up to the party, it rained incessantly.

I made the call the night before that we should have the party indoors, and since our house isn’t exactly “open plan” we arranged the rooms into “food room”, “general toy room”, “Duplo room” and “all kids Lego room” and I’ve got to say, it worked an absolute treat!

Here’s the “food room” aka our dining area/back sunroom:




See Tammy Turtle the cake in the background?



So much awesome delicious fooooooood!



Then there was the Duplo room


And there was also the Big Kids Lego Room and the General Play Room.

Hard to believe our little chatterbox is 3. Happy birthday baby girl.


Your endless chatter and running commentary of our day to day life keeps me so entertained.


The way you look after your brothers and give us lots of kisses and cuddles delight us in every way and I love how you only ever want to eat the icing and not the cake. This tells me that you’ll always look for the best in life, and you so deserve it.


We love you so so so much. Always remember that xxxxx

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