It’s a little bit funny

… this feeling inside.

Ha! I love that Cleaver Green (aka Rake) is The Duke from Moulin Rouge. Classic stuff. By the way, how awesome is Rake??

Wow, already at a tangent. This is going to be interesting. And I haven’t even been drinking…

To start with, here are three things I am utterly failing at, at the moment. You know just to kick things off:

1. I’m struggling with the balance of being a “fun Mama” and discipline. I really need to work on letting more things go, and focusing on the more important, lesson-learning things; things that will actually make a difference to Chance and Quinn’s behaviour. I guess that’s the challenge of parenting kids at such different ages. I’m trying to teach them all about consequences but I have to do it in three different ways. So I guess I’m not failing as such, I’m merely learning. Just like them.

2. Napping. Man I used to be able to nap like a pro and now I just can’t. I can do a mean sleep-in (just ask Hubs) but when it comes to a quick kip during the day, I fail hard, even if I haven’t had a coffee as yet. I’ve even tried my coffee/nap/coffee 3-punch combo, to no avail. I was right on the verge of drifting off yesterday while Darby was having a sleep, but I woke myself up with thoughts of him spontaneously having stopped breathing so I got up and checked. Yeah, that still happens. Then it was all over red rover. Hubs thinks it must be because I’m getting “so much sleep during the night.” So adorable.

3. Deciding what to wear each day. This is just embarrassing. I have severe decision fatigue over my wardrobe and I really struggle each morning to choose my clothes. Though, I did have a win on Tuesday morning when I threw on an outfit that I’d never worn and ummed and ahhhed for about 5 minutes and was going to change because I wasn’t sure how I looked and then I thought “stuff it” and walked out the door, and actually got complimented by 4 people at playgroup. I should just go with my gut like this more often!

There is a lot going on around here at the moment, with house plans being approved, loans being finalised (we hope!) and looking into job possibilities for Hubs for next year (tis the season!) but we are all plodding along nicely. The kids are going great-guns, and I’m feeling pretty cruisey, even with my above-mentioned shortcomings. It’s
small stuff and I’m trying not to sweat it.

And to end with, here are three things I’m doing well at the moment:
1. Not drinking booze
2. Not snacking on crap food
3. Exercising regularly

Boom. Done. Now for a cuppa.

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