Between a rock and a dumb place

Tell me it’s not just me. I seem to spend most of my time going back and forth between two extremes and can’t find any middle ground.

Example 1: Between a rock and a messy place
I’m either completely on top of the housework and feeling really motivated and pumped about it and determined to keep the house tidy and in order, the washing done and the kitchen table clear; I see the value in it, and how it frees me up to do more things with the kids. OR I’m saying “life’s too short to worry about keeping the house tidy!” I currently have a loungeroom overflowing with rummaged-through suitcases and odds and ends from our roadtrip that I need to put away, but Hubs has the day off and we have no kids, so all I want to do is go and drink coffee with him and stare into his eyes and without being interrupted every 4.2 seconds. Where’s the middle ground????

Example 2: Between a rock and a drunk place
I’m either all but completely abstaining from alcohol and focused on eating well and keeping active (like this time last year). OR I’m knocking back wine on a nightly basis and am feeling seedy more mornings than not! On the one hand, I love feeling fresh and seeing the results of hard work and motivation to be healthy, but on the other hand, drinking wine is relaxing and fun and social and lets me be an adult (or not, ha ha) and gives me a sense of release. I know the middle ground here is to just have a couple of glasses on the weekend to unwind, but I’ve just gotten into this habit of drinking again.

They are probably the two biggest things that I am obsessing over at the moment, and it’s all taking up WAY too much of my time and brain space. So here’s today’s middle ground. Do one hour of unpacking, go out for coffee with Hubs, do some shopping and tidying when I get home, then switch the part of my brain off and just BE with the kids. So if you don’t mind, I have some unpacking to do.

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