I’ve uninstalled facebook on my phone. And I already feel a little better.

I have become such a slave to my phone and I honestly and truly hate it, but I lack the willpower to just put it down and walk away from it. This is the only way, and it is good. The funny thing is, I did without fb for years and years and survived, but now that I’m on it, the thought of it being taken away makes me nervous.

What if I miss something?

What if people don’t read my blog and they miss something?


I don’t know. There must be a happy medium with it all. But I’m not exactly what you would call good at moderation. I know it takes practice and persistence and motivation, and quite frankly, with three kids and a bunch of renos going on, I’m lucky to remember to put on pants in the morning, so I just don’t have the energy to add to my workload for now.

I believe that’s a fair call.

I just did a really long blink that lasted a solid minute. Lucky I’m not driving.

Better hit the sack. And I don’t care if I miss anything tonight.

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