He’s a keeper

My dear friend Kate and her lovely son Alex are staying with us for the week which is just fab. Hubs mentioned yesterday that he could take the four kids for the morning so Kate and I can have some kid-free time together. He had a rostered day off and that’s what he offers to do. That’s just the kind of guy he is. No fuss. Just love.

Ummm heck yes please honey!

So of course this morning came around, we packed the kids into the car to go to Yeppoon, and we couldn’t decide what to do!!! Ha ha. We narrowed it down to brunch and a massage and then maybe an indulgent midday nap when we get home.

The weather has been rainy and cool which I absolutely adore so I’m thinking a movie at home with the kids this arvo will be just the ticket.

Thanks honey. You really are the best…

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