Here we go again

Gosh. This statement could apply to so many areas of my life at the moment. Another year renovating (inside instead of outside this time); another baby on the way; another rainy day in Rocky (bliss!!); another coffee; another year over and a new one just begun.

But the “again” I’m actually referring to, is a road trip to Brisbane. We leave on Thursday afternoon once Hubs gets home from work, and hope to arrive sometime before midnight! I do love a good road trip, and I love coming to Brisbane, there’s just so much to organise before we leave. Snacks and activities for the kids, devices charged and topped up with movies. Oh, and the packing. I’ve tried to simplify my packing as much as possible lately, but we still end up with too many clothes. I go for the idea of four outfits per child, and washing (thanks Mum) every second day. But then of course I have an emergency set of clothes, and what inevitably happens is that on the day of leaving, the kids choose something different to what I’ve laid out for them, so it ends up being five or six sets! That’s a lot of clothes!

Anyway, I am excited, and I have organised a few catch-ups already. We have a wedding to go to on Saturday up at Toowoomba, and we will be child-free for about 24 hours (thanks Lsl!!) so I might even catch up on a few zzzzz’s if I’m lucky. I’ll also be in Brisbane for my birthday this year, (without Hubs as he has to come home for work), so that will be nice. Then we will drive home the following Friday, in time to rush around and get Chance ready to start school on the Monday. Oh and Quinn starts kindy on the Wednesday! It’s going to be a big week!

So if you’re around Brisbane town next week, I will try to catch up. Otherwise Rocky is a short eight hour drive up the highway! 🙂

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