What you doing Mama

Quinn go sleeeeeep?

Where ba-man shiiiiiirt?

Grumpy go sleeeeeep? 

Hip hooray! Hap birthday mama

QRSUVWS now know my ABC

When I committed to this whole “blog everyday” thing I didn’t necessarily intend it to be at the end of every day. I thought I’d write a bit here and there as the day went by but it hasn’t really turned out that way so far.

I went out for an amazing dinner with my amazing cousin Emma tonight and when we got home, Darby was still awake. It is now 10pm and he is lying next to me in my bed, chatting to himself. Hence the first part of this post.  I’m trying to be discreet and blog left-handed on my phone. Not an easy task. He has certainly got the “act cute and stay up late” routine down pat. Little bugger.

The only other noteworthy thing to report is that I decided not to leave until around midday Saturday. It’s going to be 40 degrees in Rocky tomorrow and Saturday, as it was today, and I do not need to be around for that. Bring on the cool change of 32 on Sunday! One more sleep-in down here for me won’t hurt either!

I think Darby has finally nodded off. This was us having a little snooze this arvo. What an angel, right?

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