First days

It’s been a big week here with Chance starting year one on Monday and Quinn starting “big girl kindy” today. Both were very excited about their respective new adventures, and drop off went very well for both of them. Chance had a little tear as I was getting ready to leave but he took some deep breaths and after some extra cuddles he was great. He ran up to me at pick up time and without being asked, said “I had a great day Mama.”

To be honest I wondered how Quinn would go this morning when it was time for me to leave but she was fine. She had decided that only one of the teachers at kindy was “her teacher” which I thought was cute. She just looked so small in there! Such a big girl now, turning 4 in a week. Yikes!

So it’s just me and the nugget today. Everyone kept asking what I’m going to do with my “day off” today. After I finish laughing, I have assured them I have a million things to do and after having a coffee and blogging, my “day” is about 4 hours long. So don’t worry about me. I’ll be able to fill that pretty easily.


Chance’s first day of Year 1
First Day of kindy for Quinn
At school drop off
Just the two of us at home!

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