This book

About a year ago, while I was in a tiny little cafe in Paddington (Brisbane), waiting for my takeaway coffee to be made, I picked up this book and started to flick through it.

I added it to my ever expanding gift ideas list that I keep in my phone, in case I ever thought of someone to give it to. A year on, it’s still on the list and when I’d see it, I’d remember I really liked it but couldn’t remember anything about it or why I loved it so much!

Then I happened to be at my neighbour’s house this afternoon, enjoying their air conditioning (thanks guys!) when I spied it on their bookshelf! The kids were playing happily so I plonked myself down on their couch and started to read. (That’s when I took the above photo.)

It’s just full of sweet little anecdotes about finding out what’s important in life and letting go of the rest.

Here are a few of my favourites.

This is so me and Hubs. I always get him tea when I’m feeling helpless.

Ooooh I’ll be the coolest cat on the block!

And this is absolutely me right now. Always in such a flap, too busy to stand still, and wondering why I can’t find calm.

There were so many illustrations that reminded me of family and friends and Hubs and myself and just LIFE. So much read-nodding. I would love to see if these come in card form because they would be perfect to send “just because”. If you ever see it lying around, pick it up, grab a coffee and get ready to smile.

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