Choosing to be grateful

Okay. So the heat has finally gotten to me. I’m hot and I’m bothered and I’m trying not to dread school pick up this afternoon.

I had a very strange thought this morning which has seemed to help with my attitude a little today. This morning I thought to myself

“At least I’m not still in Mount Isa.”

Such a weird thing to think! The relentless heat up there almost undid me, as did living in a small townhouse with no yard and no pool, with two small children and a bun in the oven.

The only saving grace up there, for me at least, was the people. The beautiful people we met and adored and are still in touch with.

I never expected to love Rocky as much as I do. I love our house so much, even though it’s probably not that much bigger than the townhouse in Isa, we have a deck (now) and a beautiful yard and it’s just “us”.

I love our neighbours (I know I’ve mentioned that a few times) and our neighbourhood, and the beautiful view and breezes we get to enjoy.

So as much as the heat is making me feel twice a HUGE and hot, I have a lot to be happy about. Sorry Mount Isa. You just didn’t do it for me!

Funnily enough I just googled “weather Mount Isa” and it’s hotter here this week than up there! 

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