“Octonauts, to your stations!”

Alternatively, “Octonauts, let’s do this.”

Bath time can be a bit funny at our place. Sometimes, usually on a Friday evening when there is a movie to watch, it’s a 5-minute affair for all three of them. They get wet down, soaped up and then hosed off before being shipped to the other parent for PJ-assist.

Other evenings, ┬álike tonight, ┬áthere’s no hurry. Tonight, the kids played Octonauts in the (ridiculously tiny) bath tub we have (a big plastic tub from Masters that they barely all fit in) for almost 40 minutes. It was honestly the cutest freaking thing you ever heard. Such music to my ears and I had time to clean the kitchen from start to finish.

It doesn’t happen all the time, but I’ve noticed they’ve been getting along better and better lately. Darby is getting to the age where he can join in on games instead of just trampling over them. And the older two are getting much better at including him.

Just bliss for this mama.

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