Obligatory Sydney pics

This one

This one

This one

And this one is a new one

Had a pretty funny day. The weather was a bit crazy – windy and rainy and sunny and repeat. I did a lot of walking, some coffee drinking, caught up with my other Sydney friend, ate yummy Japanese food (so much food on this trip!) found an awesome op-shop, had to come and rest because of sciatica pain but I was very happy and exhausted.

Then went out again and helped Hubs choose suit material and designs for a tailor-made suit (yeeow!) and watched him get fitted and choose buttons and details and all that fun stuff, then finished up with an amazing dinner with Kel and her partner at an authentic Malaysian place.

Have I mentioned the food this trip has been incredible!? We have been in luck every time.

I head home in the morning and to be honest I do miss the kids! I’ve had some great sleep and sleep-ins and I feel recharged to get back in the parenting game. I know I have a few crazy months ahead of me but I’m certainly feeling energetic and optimistic about this time that is to come.

In 12 hours I’ll be homeward bound. It’s been great!

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