Girls night

I so need this right now. I can’t wait to go out and talk nonsense with my gal pals up here who I don’t mind saying, are some of the finest ladies I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I’m all frocked up and got the tick of approval from Quinny who said I looked so beautiful like a princess.

I couldn’t help myself, cooking for Hubs and his mum who is visiting, and the kids and having everything ready before I left. I kept justifying it by saying how easy it was: a slow cooked pulled pork with a loaf of bread in the bread maker and a wombok salad. One of my favourite easy meals.

I know Hubs would have thrown something together but I was just trying to be helpful. I guess it’s the good old mother-guilt kicking in.

Though I had to say, as I was getting ready, Chance was getting more and more feral and excitable and was taking Darby with him so I had no problem walking out the door and leaving him to it. As he reminds me from time to time, he’s been a parent for just as long as I have.

So even though I can’t get boozy and won’t be dancing too much I’ll be in the company of lovely ladies who know how to have a good time. It’s going to be a great night.

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