Today was nearly day 1

Day 1 of not blogging that is. I still haven’t decided what I’m writing about. Hubs is giving some (not so helpful) suggestions.

Another weekend over. More work was done on the ensuite yesterday. Renovating while living-in is the pits let me tell you. I did a bit of real estate research for renting this place out next year. 2 years ago the rental market was booming but now, well it’s also the pits. All the money we have put into the place may not exactly pay off. This makes me sad and stressed.

But not regretful. This house was a renovators delight and even though it drives me insane sometimes, the positives of living here, mainly our neighbours, makes it totally worthwhile.

I just did a very long blink so it’s time to say goodnight now. Another random bloggy post. Who even reads this nonsense!? Ha!

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