Have you ever?

… felt like you have a 10 pound bowling ball sitting in your pelvis when you walk around?

… had to stop mid-stride to cross your legs when you sneeze?

… picked a fight with your husband because you’re so tired you can’t even think straight and then gone back to him crying five minutes later to apologise and tell him you love him?

… been really lovely during story time with the kids and then turned into a snappy monster as soon as they don’t go to sleep immediately?

… been unable to roll over in bed in less than a minute and without huffing and puffing and cursing like a sailor?

… wondered how the hell you’re going to get through two weeks of school holidays after just one day?

Welcome to my life people. It’s not pretty, it’s not quiet, it’s messy and it sure as hell ain’t for the faint at heart. But somehow I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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