Maternity bag: packed

Mum arrived last night and today was a flurry of activity around here. While she took Quinn & Darby out for the morning I went through all of the kids clothes, past present and future, ranging in sizes from 00000 (I got rid of those – no newborn of mine will ever be a size 00000) to size 8. I sorted and culled and sorted some more. I have 10 or so “neutral” outfits for the baby as well as a few blues and pinks ready to roll out.

I also put away some of the kids clothes that they had outgrown, and added some others that will now fit them. I do this probably twice a year and it’s very satisfying. I will be doing it to my wardrobe at some stage as well but not this week!

I hit the shops this arvo to buy some must-haves for my maternity bag and for the first few days with the baby. I need to remember that, if I need to go shopping again in the next couple of weeks, to go in the morning, because this baby really comes alive in the afternoon and evenings. And I can tell you that walking around Stockland with a 38 week old kicking and head-butting and squirming around, stopping me in my tracks and taking my breath away, was quite the site to see.

It was so great to finally get a few things started AND finished IN THE SAME DAY!

Tomorrow being a public holiday will most likely entail lots of clearing out and tidying up and just generally making the house feel a bit more roomy. It’s amazing how much “space” a tiny little baby can take up!


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