Confession time

My name is Renae and I’m a compulsive entertainer.

Entertaining, dinner parties and BBQs were a huge part of my childhood. In a sense I’ve been entertaining my whole life. (Just ask my parents. Badoom ching!) I just can’t help it. The need to have people over on a regular basis is in my blood. It’s genetic. And Hubs shares and encourages this passion.

Two weeks ago though, I put my foot down with Hubs. “No more dinner parties for the time being. I’m nearly 40 weeks pregnant and I need a break! We can have people over but we’re ordering pizza. Because even a simple BBQ equates to preparation and cleaning up and I’m done for now!” That’s what I told him. And I meant it I swear!

So Thursday rolls around and Hubs says “I have a three day weekend. Want to fire up the BBQ Saturday night?”

And what do I say?

“Sure sounds good. Might as well invite the neighbours over. Oh and (insert several more people here.) Nothing fancy. Just burgers.”

Except I decided to make home made bread rolls. Because I can’t help myself.

And I made a special trip to Woollies because I had a hankering for yummy cheese. Because I can’t help myself.

And we invited a few more people who didn’t end up coming (8 in fact) so we “only” had 7 adults and 6 kids.

But that’s it. I swear. I’m done. We had a great night and we can take a break on a high.

Unless I can’t help myself…

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