Small pleasures

Yep. Still here. Still in one piece. Wondering what I would have to say/do for maternity to induce me. Immediately. I really am done. Even with Darby I was all “yeah I’m okay. Let’s just wait and see.” I’ve waited. I’ve seen. I’m not going into labour on my own. Let’s just get on with this thing.

It’s not all bad though. I have found myself with another child-free morning thanks to Mum being here. Let me tell you I’ve been taking full advantage of any child free time I am gifted. Mainly by going out for a coffee. All by myself. And maybe adding a cake of some sort to the order as well.

It really is a special decadence that you don’t appreciate or understand until you’ve had kids and have tried to go out for a nice coffee as a family. Even when all the planets align and the kids behave themselves, it’s still a constant stream of interruptions which result in drinking cold coffee, wiping up spills, and at least one toilet run, if not five.

So here I am, coffee in hand, enjoying the slow pace of my morning, and trying to ignore the niggling sciatica pain and everything else this 40+6 pregnant body is throwing at me. Because I know that this too is only temporary and in literally a few days I’ll be holding my baby.

And that will be no small pleasure let me tell you.

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