Home again

Oh my heart. Having a baby is such a wildly emotional experience. The high and pain and doubt and excitement and fear and everything in between that you feel is utterly exhausting. Add to that sleep depravation, hormones, and healing wounds, and you get a mixed bag of crazy that is a new mum taking her baby home. Having done this three times already, I did prepare myself a bit better this time around, and even though I’m still feeling the huge surges of emotion, I’m so far not feeling overwhelmed by them.

The other thing I’m contending with is that I’ve lost my voice. Everyone in the house has had a horrible chesty cold over the last 2 weeks and it was my turn to come down with it on Tuesday. I think that, as well as sucking on the gas during labour, have contributed to me completely losing my voice this morning. And that in itself is exhausting! I’m down to a raspy whisper which makes the kids whisper as well which is hilarious.

I was really looking forward to coming home today and I’m definitely glad to be back in my own bed, in my own home with Hubs and the kids and mum. The kids are completely in love with Julius and constantly ask for cuddles which makes me burst.

I’m still not quite sure what life with four kids is going to look like but I’m excited by the possibilities.

Bring it on.

So many beautiful good times to come!

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