A parenting first

It was bound to happen.

To be honest I had my money on Darby putting a piece of Lego in a place where Lego shouldn’t go.

Turned out I was wrong.

“My nose feels funny” says Quinn

“What do you mean funny?” I replied

“It’s sore. I think there’s something in my nose.”

“Maybe it’s a pimple. Like a little sore in your nose.”

“No I think someone put Lego up my nose.”

“What? No I’m sure there can’t be OH MY GOSH QUINN HOW DID THAT PIECE OF LEGO GET UP YOUR NOSE???????”

“I think someone put it there.”

Sure enough, there was a small round blue piece sitting up there just in view. When I initially reached over to feel her nose I think I might have pushed it up further. Hubs came along and told her to cover the other nostril and blow really hard. Sure enough out it cane with a sizeable booger.

I’d like to say I remained mostly calm during the even but I definitely laid it on thick about never ever ever ever doing that ever ever again. Like ever. She thought the whole thing was hilarious of course. And she wanted the piece immediately to put back on her new Lego.

Ah the joys.

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