Fat and fit

It’s all relative I know, but I’m feeling quite big in my skin at the moment. I really thought I would have shifted some of this baby weight by now, as I’ve been back at the gym for 7 weeks. But it ain’t budging.

Sure, it may have something (everything) to do with what I’m shoving in my gob, but I do still feel a bit cheated! Everything is hard at the moment with my spare tyre sitting around my waist; even exercise. Actually especially exercise.

My knees have been screaming at me the last few weeks and I’m sure it’s because of the extra weight. It’s so easy to say that I need to start eating better but it’s so hard to do.

We are starting our next challenge at fit mum’s in 10 days and I really want to try my very hardest to match my food efforts with my gym efforts. In the meantime, if I’m going to be fat, at least I’m going to be fit!! And hopefully I’ll fit into my jeans again soon….

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