One on one time

It’s tricky to have individual time with four kids, and at this stage Jules doesn’t count which means I get heaps of one on one time with Darby. But not much with Chance or Quinn. It’s definitely something I will be working on in the coming months. I have this thing about everything having to be fair and equal with the kids, but I’m learning that a) it’s not realistic and b) it’s not how the world works. I also feel like it’s been preventing me from doing special stuff with just one kid so I’m slowly letting that go.

With that in mind, I took Quinn out yesterday and we had coffee and cake. Well I had coffee and apart from the three bits she gave me, (forced portion control!) Quinn had cake. And juice. We left the four (stinky) boys at home and it was really lovely and relaxing hanging out with my baby girl. Who goes to school next year. Huh. How did that happen?

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