10 things on the 10th

10 things I miss about Frith

1. His smile. It’s the first thing anyone ever noticed about him. That and his awesome dreads.

2. His laugh. It was sometimes a high pitched girly giggle. It was all him.

3. Watching him give the kids a hug.

4. Being able to text him when something stupid and funny happens.

5. Being able to make a face at him when something stupid or funny happens.

6. Being able to ask him why my phone is playing up knowing he could fix it.

7. His smell. I wish I could breathe it in right now.

8. His inappropriateness. Yes even that.

9. His kisses. Knowing I will never kiss him again is almost too much to bear right now.

10. Just him.

I love you honey. I’ll never again hold you in my arms but I will always hold you in my heart ❤

Quinny and I yesterday with one of his photos xxx


  1. Thinking of you always Renae and sending love and support.
    Beautiful words and beautiful picture. xx Love from Ez and Em xx

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