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I’m making a habit of this. On a Tuesday, if my wonderful nanny and friend Vicky is available to have the boys, I’ve made my way to my favourite coffee shop, tethered my phone internet to my laptop, and spent a couple of hours catching up on this and that. Mainly replying to emails, looking at houses, working on wedding ceremonies, and blogging.

I’ve even officially become a regular, with the barista asking “the usual soy cap?” but I’ve been mixing it up a bit lately, and have been ordering a long black with hot soy on the side.

Gosh there’s a lot going on at the moment. But what’s new? I am appealing the fines I got the other day, so I’ve been drafting the letter for that. Plus I’m very close to buying us a “new” car (new to us) which I’m hoping will be finalised next week. Then I need to start thinking about our trip up to Rocky which is only five weeks away. The three boys have had ear infections and have been on antibiotics. I have made three trips to the doctors in the last week with them, with Chance’s flaring up again and another course of antibiotics starting yesterday.

I’ve been sick for over three weeks – well I haven’t felt sick (thankfully) but I’ve had a chest cold with a sore ear and in hindsight might have benefited from antibiotics as well. Everyone has been coughing and sneezing in our house for weeks, and of course mostly during the night. But having a “baby” I’m used to the constant sleep disruptions so it hasn’t made a huge difference to be honest. More of a nuisance than anything. And I haven’t gotten back into exercise since the school holidays. Once I feel better I have a plan. It’s always good to have a plan.

It’s Dad’s birthday this weekend which means cake and presents which is always nice. And then next week it will be June. That’s just how the year has been going. Flying by at warp speed. And we’re all just along for the ride.

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