Pardon my French…

…but this week has been all shades of shite.

Well that’s not entirely true. We had Kris and Kate up for a few days over the weekend to celebrate my brother’s 40th birthday and had a lovely gathering here on Saturday afternoon.

Unfortunately our adventurous little Julius wanted to see how the hot water urn worked, and got burns down his hand and arm. After some time in ED on Sunday, we were referred to the burns clinic at Lady Cilento on Tuesday. He was such a trooper.

Tuesday morning I woke up and got ready for our train ride into the hospital. I felt my back twinge a bit but that’s not so unusual so off we went. By the time we arrived at the hospital I knew it wasn’t just a twinge. Again, Julius was a superstar (the drugs helped with the dressing change) and we made another appointment for Friday.

I was so grateful having Vicky, my friend and nanny and nurse with me to help pick Jules up and help me as well. By Tuesday afternoon and evening my back just kept getting worse and when I woke up yesterday, back spasms kept me in bed all morning. Every time I tried to get up, it was agony.

The pain killers I was on just weren’t cutting it and I ended up at the hospital. Unfortunately I have a feeling they thought I was just after more drugs (I do look pretty dodgy I guess) and basically just said

“yeah back pain is no good. Keep moving as much as you can but also rest. Have a nice day.”

I mean, I’ve had back pain before, but these spasms are truly something else. I have to take Jules in for his bandage change tomorrow morning, I have a physio appointment tomorrow afternoon and I’m supposed to be going to the P!NK concert tomorrow night. I don’t know that the concert will be happening ? But I haven’t ruled it out yet!!

I just have to make sure I’m better, or at least mobile, for my plane trip to Townsville next Thursday. I’m supposed to be away (child free) for five days to do a very good friend’s wedding.

Seriously, 2018? Enough already!!


  1. I passed a sign recently and at the risk of appearing trite and a weirdo stranger (my intention is sincere but I am comfortable with weird stranger) I wanted to share it with you Renae. This post was so full of pain, which you and your family have experienced in such extraordinary measures this year. I can barely imagine how much despair you must feel at times, especially on days of celebration. But I was struck by this statement where pain is part of hope. For what it’s worth, I’m praying for your young family today, and that you might have liberating relief from some of your pain very soon.


    1. I love weird strangers. They are just friends I haven’t met 🙂
      Thank you for your comment. I definitely feel like I can hold on. In some ways I don’t have a choice, as I have to, for the kids, but in another way, I actually make the choice everyday for all of us. I can hold on, and I do have hope. I just wonder about the pain ending? Does it end, or do we just learn to live with it, and allow it to become part of us? Not in a bad way, but just in a way that we can embrace it? I don’t know. It’s a tough one. I’ve written the quote on paper and it’s on my wall to think about. Thank you 🙂

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