Got Gastro?

No? How about the flu? A cold?

It seems like almost everyone I know is affected by one or more of the above. Gastro has passed through this household (pun intended) in the past week, and we have all been affected in some way, with Jules the final casualty today. Mum has a flu she can’t shake, and my cold is making its way to my chest, hopefully on the way out of my system! I have gotten sick more in the last nine months than I have in the last five years I’m sure.

BUT! (Pun intended) I’m VERY grateful that I was able to attend and thoroughly enjoy the two weddings without any illness. I really and truly am so glad about that. And to top off my gratitude, my back is starting to come good, and I can start moving more, again. Once I get rid of this damn cold that is…

Darby’s Godfather Felix is coming for a visit this weekend and we all can’t wait! I have pre-warned him about the house of illness, but he assures me he is still coming 🙂 It is always nice having visitors, and the kids really love having him around. As do I of course.

We are heading to Lake Cootharaba for a few days next week, with a bit of camping and a bit of Airbnb action, so there will be packing for that to do as well. Hoping to have a fairly low-key weekend otherwise, so we can all recover. It has not been any fun around here this week I can tell you. Lots of self-pity from this gal right here.

So that’s me for now. If you are unwell, I hope you are on your way to wellness again, because being sick is the absolute pits.

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