10 things in the 10th

10 things I’m grateful for

1. My kids have been sleeping like absolute Champions about 5 nights out of 7 each week, meaning they sleep in their own beds all night long ???

2. They have been crashing at night before 8 very easily. This has meant I’ve been able to write my Christmas cards with few interruptions!

3. They are able to sometimes play really nicely together. It’s the best 10 minutes of my week! 

4. Different combinations of the kids together give different dynamics, a variety of games and ideas, and even another 10 minutes of peace for me ?

5. I find their little personalities fascinating to watch. I see so much of myself in them at various stages, and then I see Frith. So interesting!

6. They all sometimes like the same food on a particular day in a particular way I have cooked it when Jupiter is in line with Venus.

7. They all love cuddles. I know it won’t always be like this, with three boys, but Chance and Darby are particularly cuddly and I’m hanging on to that for now.

8. They develop independence without me even realising. The older three all get themselves ready in the morning, and Julius feeds himself. It’s funny how you work so hard every day to teach them life skills and all of a sudden they are doing stuff on their own. Like Quinn brushes her own hair and puts it in a pony tail for school each day. Crazy!

9. I’m grateful for their health. 

10. I’m grateful for each phase of their childhood. Even though I’m finding it difficult to find activities that suit them all at the same time, I know that in a few years they will all be at school and I’ll wonder where the kiddy phase went. 


  1. Hi Renea Wal has been in hospital for3 months after a fall,so haven’t caught up with your day to day life so I am catching up now.Your little family is beautiful very photogenic and such happy little people. Keep up the good work you are doing a great job.

  2. I love all your posts Renae, it’s so lovely to hear about you and the kids and what you are all up to. Thinking of you often and especially at this Christmas time as you remember Frith in all that you are doing. A chat would be fantastic, but understand your busyness. What time of the day would suit you for a call and which day? Love to you all. Anne Xx

  3. Hey Renae! I have good news for you! Boys don’t really grow out of cuddles! You have to pick your moment… not when they are grumpy, hungry or upset. Or in public. Ever. But I still get great cuddles from all 3 boys. They do change however, my head now rests on the chest of the 14 &15 year old….

    1. Oh that is very good advice! When they are young, the instinct is cuddles to make them feel better, but as they get older I can imagine they need to blow off steam before they come in for a hug. Thanks Jenni!!

  4. Nice post hon. Amazing little beings your kiddies. I wish I could remember more of Jed when he was really young. They change so fast. Next minute they’re about to finish uni and move out of home. Whhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? If I haven’t told you lately, you’re the best Mama in the world. xx

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