10 things on the 10th

10 characteristics of a good human, according to Wifey.

Good humans might be a part of your every day life, you may only get to see them occasionally, or you may only meet them once in your life. But when you come across a good human, you know you are in the presence of something special, and we would all do well to remember to be grateful for these people, and for the roles, big or small, they play in our lives.

1. Good humans make you feel welcome and at ease in their presence, with seemingly little effort on their part. This is truly a gift, especially when you have four children in tow.

2. Good humans will turn up, physically or otherwise, with what you need, even if you didn’t know you needed it; a meal, a bottle of wine, a small soy cappuccino, some fresh baking, (home made or store-bought, matters not) some kind words, babysitting, flowers, a hug, a box of tissues….. the list is only limited by the good human’s imagination.

3. Good humans will play with your kids, or walk your dog, or offer to keep you company on a walk. They will know which of these things to offer, that’s what makes them good humans.

4. Good humans listen; without judgement, without interrupting, without trying to fix your heartache. They will offer advice or wisdom if asked, but may indeed look you in the eye, and say “I don’t know what to say. But I’m here, and I’m so glad you are talking to me about this.”

5. One of my favourite characteristics of a good human, is how they respond to a request for help. If you are ever in the (privileged) position of being asked for assistance, and you can’t help out, please may I offer this as a response: “I’m sorry I can’t do it this time, but please ask me again.” As someone who finds it extremely difficult to ask for, or accept help, and now no longer having a choice, this response can mean the world, and I will always remember when people say this to me, to ask again next time.

6. Good humans will let you cry on their shoulder until you are a blubbering mess of snot and tears, and not move a muscle until you are ready to pull away and reach for the tissue they are holding for you.

7. They will make you laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time, by allowing you to be exactly how you need to be at that time, and they are not afraid to show their own vulnerability in those times.

8. Good humans participate in healthy debate, and aren’t threatened by other people’s views, when they disagree.

9. Good humans broaden your horizons; they introduce you to new music, their favourite place to get the best lunches, an awesome TV show you’ve never heard of, or a great brand of Prosecco.

10. And finally, good humans invest time in your life, and your kids’ lives (where applicable) to help you be the best versions of yourselves you can possibly be. They get to know you, and what makes you tick, and they build you up, knowing there is enough in this world that can tear us down in an instant.

I am so fortunate to be surrounded by good humans in my life. I know this is no coincidence, as Frith and I were always meeting new people, every time we moved, and it would have been easy to stay in our little bubble, and not get out there and meet all these good humans. But now, with my life taking such an unexpected turn, I am a thousand times thankful for the incredible people, near and far, who support me ever day.

This is my thanks to you.

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