10 things on the 10th

10 things I love about the first 5 months

1. Breastfeeding can get you out of most things and is just the nicest thing to be able to do.

2. No messy solids…. yet

3. Parents understand that you do anything that works to survive – there’s much less judgement about how you parent in the first six months compared to when they are over one year.

4. Squishy chubby legs (his, not mine)

5. There’s so much development – they go from a strange little blob, to your baby who recognises and smiles at you.

6. They stay where you have put them down.

7. They sleep anywhere.

8. Having a messy house is completely understandable and acceptable.

9. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. If you’re a social person and you’re out and about, a lot of people come up to look at the baby.

10. The gummy smile

What a lovely near five months it’s been. It’s so hard to imagine what life was like before he came along! What a treasure ☺

10 things on the 10th

10 ways I know I’m “such a mum”

1. I fold clothes while I’m watching a movie on a Saturday night

2. I make comments during the movie like “well that’s just ridiculous”

3. When my kids say they don’t like something I’ve cooked them I say “what’s not to like?”

4. And “how do you know you don’t like it if you haven’t even tried it!?”

5. And “just three more bites”

6. When Darby hands me his jumper and says “can you put this on?” I say “it won’t fit me!”

7. I hide veges in their spag bol.

8. I can find things even if the kids have looked “everywhere!”

9. I have a seemingly endless supply of all the kid’s favourite snacks. And how I wish they all had the same favourites!

10. This.

10 Things on the 10th

10 things I am currently grateful for:

1. This face. 12 weeks today!

2. Sleep
Jules is giving me so much sleep for a 12 week old! And even though Darby is waking me up a fair bit at the moment (damn excema flare up!!) he’s pretty easy to settle once he’s in our bed. It’s amazing how much easier parenting is when you have a 5-6 hour stretch of sleep under your belt!

3. My boobs
Stay with me here – just the fact that I have been able to breastfeed all of my babies with only a few dramas along the way. I am so grateful for this.

4. Our king size bed
Because sometimes by 6am there are five of us in there…

5. The weather
Aaaaah winter in Queensland. Is there any better time of the year? Cool nights and warm days. Just bliss.

6. A developing plan for next year
I still can’t share the destination as it’s not 100% locked in but things are starting to come together for 2018. More details to come very soon!

7. Neighbours bringing dinner over
Is there any meal better than one that you don’t have to cook yourself? I think not.

8. Hubs
This man just keeps on keeping on. We are in such a lovely place right now and have been savouring coffees together on our deck, knowing our weeks here in our Rocky house are numbered.

9. School pick up
We have friends with a teenage son, and he has been walking Chance home from school the last four or so months. He is unable to do it this week so I’ve been doing it and I must say that I can’t wait for him to be available again next week! Getting three kids there and back to pick up a fourth is not a lot of fun. Especially when I make the silly decision to do it on foot! Won’t be trying that again anytime soon…

10. Fit Mums
Yes yes I know I bang on about this all the time but I just can’t help it!! I love my three morning sessions a week, and I’ve also started trying to go to the high intensity interval training sessions the other two evenings, but it all depends on Hubs getting home on time. One of the biggest things I will miss when we leave at the end of the year.

10 things on the 10th

Random edition

1. Quinn spilled some of her chocolate ice cream on her foot last night while watching our Friday night movie. I thought I had cleaned it all up. This morning the kids were running around and she scraped her foot and insisted it was bleeding and that she needed a band-aid. I was busy with Julius and (knowing it wasn’t serious by the lack of screaming and “the tone”) I asked Chance to get the band-aid she was asking for. When I went in a few minutes later, I saw that the “blood” was actually the “chocolate ice cream” from last night. She was adamant. I let her put her two band-aids on and called it a win.

2. We were chatting to our neighbour who has some time off next week and was trying to decide where to travel to. We suggested a few places, when Hubs chimed it. “You know what the best holiday I’ve had in the last five years has been?” A few things sprang to mind for me – the week in Melbs without the kids being at the top of my list. His answer? “The last two weeks here at home.” I almost burst. It was just the loveliest thing to hear.

3. I don’t want Hubs to go back to work, like ever. I can honestly say that the last two weeks have, in fact, been two of the best weeks of our family life. He has been his usual superstar Dadness, doing the school run every morning and afternoon, parenting Quinn and Darby for the rest of the day, taking the kids to the playground after school, and just generally doing anything and everything I ask of him. I know that in the first few weeks of having a baby that a lot of Dads are “expected” to do these things, and maybe it’s nothing special, but honestly it’s times like these that I know I chose the right man to spend my life with. And look, of course he has driven me absolutely crazy at times with his ways of doing things, but that’s life isn’t it!? I know I have driven him equally crazy, but at the end of every day, there are cuddles and kisses and loving words, and that’s what matters the most.

4. The phrase “Mama we need you” is never a good thing for me to hear.

5. I really want to grow herbs but I know that my laziness and apathy towards any kind of plant-related matters will always be my downfall.

6. Darby’s toilet training is going surprisingly and exceptionally well. We have been nappy-free (except for nap and sleep time) for a week with only one accident. Compared to Chance’s toilet-training experience, (aka disaster on my part) the thought of which brings a twitch to my eye, this is a breeze. Fingers crossed!

Captain Underpants in all his glory, with two of his “poo toys” (Gups from Octonauts)

7. It’s getting “cold” up here. Ha ha ha.

8. Chance had told me that it was “dress like a Pirate day” at school on Friday, but it wasn’t until 11:30am on Friday that I saw the email (from the day before) reminding me about it. He hadn’t dressed like a pirate and I felt really bad that I hadn’t remembered. So I decided to take his pirate shirt in, and “be his hero” (inspired by this post from Kelly at Be a Fun Mum) and the smile on his face was totally worth it.

Don’t have a photo of pirate day, but here’s a cute photo of Chance and Darby playing the “cuddle game”.

9. People without kids just don’t get what it’s like to have kids, and that is okay. It’s really okay. I’ve finally come to a place of peace about that. I know I didn’t get it until we had Chance, even though I thought I would understand, and I don’t know what it’s like to parent a teenager (yet), even though I have kids of my own. I guess it’s true of any life circumstances; until you experience it first hand, it’s hard to know exactly what it’s like.

10. Aaaaaaaaaah my baby Julius. I am so in love with this little man. I said to Hubs the other day that I wondered if it would still be such a big deal for me when it’s baby number four, and it just totally is. I cannot get enough of his little face and tiny feet and baby hands and lamby-cry. I am just so bat-shit crazy in love with him. I stare at him and wonder; will he be like either of his brothers, who are so incredibly different from each other? Will he be like his sister? His Dadda? What will he pick up from me? Or will he just be completely different from all of us? I’m just in awe of this gorgeous little beauty that Hubs and I brought into the world. It’s nice to feel that feeling all over again, I have to say.

10 things on the 10th

Due today!

Reflections on my fourth pregnancy; the good, the bad and the ugly.

1. Itchiness – if there was one thing I could have absolutely done without this pregnancy it would be the hormonal itch on my arms. It was just torture. Some evenings I’d be beside myself with that under-the-skin itchy feeling that had no relief. The last month it has really calmed down but for about 4 months solid it was horrendous.

2. Fitness – I’ve never been particularly fit going into a pregnancy but this time I was all over it and it really has made a difference I feel. I also hope it helps in my recovery and even though I haven’t been able to attend fit mums since 34 weeks I feel stronger than I have in previous pregnancies. Can’t wait to get back!

3. Food – look it hasn’t been great but I’ve done my best. I’ve definitely been treating myself, particularly this last month, but I’m okay with that. I do notice my energy levels waiver when I’m eating rubbish so I need to address that sooner rather than later.

4. Pelvis – my pelvic area seriously loosened up about 6 weeks ago and is definitely ready for a baby to come on through. I just hope it comes good after all is done and dusted!

5. Baby movement – this one has been a doozy. Each subsequent baby has moved more than the previous, I’m guess each one had more room to kick around in than the one before. But this one is ridiculous. It really “comes alive” in the evenings and gives me such a hard time! It’s both lovely and nauseating at the same time. It’s definitely one of my favourite things about being pregnant.

6. Pelvic floor – this gave way the minute I became pregnant. It’s how I knew without even taking the test. Bloody hormones. I’m really really hoping this bounces back after birth as well!!

7. Hormonal swings – you’ll have to ask Hubs about this. I haven’t noticed it much to be honest. Ha ha.

8. Exhaustion – yeah this set in about 6 weeks ago, hence me having to give fit mum’s away for the time being. This baby really is sapping every energy store out of me. And I know it’ll get worse before it gets better.

9. Luscious hair – I’ve always cut my hair short around baby time but this time I have quite long, thick luscious locks and I’m seriously loving it sick!

10. Libido – speaking of good…. Again you’ll have to ask Hubs about this, but a gentleman never tells ???

Come on baby. Time to meet you!

11 things on the 11th

As promised.

“From then to now” – 11 things from our childhood that we are introducing our kids to.

1. Nicknames – my Dad used to call me buggalugs and this is what we call the kids. As well as luggabugs.

2. Spot books – they were some of my favourite books growing up and the kids love them.

3. Thunderbirds – this is a recent addition and I can’t believe how much the kids love the show! I look at it and think “so dodgy” but they are really getting into it.

4. Dr Seuss – Hubs grew up with Fox in Sox and all those amazing stories. Me not so much, so I’m enjoying them for the first time now! And just quietly, Hubs reading Fox in Sox is something to behold.

5. Disney movies – we make sure the kids are getting a taste for the oldies and goodies as well as the latest and greatest. Fun for the whole family!

6. Holding hands – Dad used to hold my hand and gently squish my knuckles. I find myself doing that with the kids as we cross the road.

7. Star wars – a timeless classic.

8. Lego – as much for us as it is for them, let’s be honest here.

9. Music – I grew up listening to Pink Floyd and Cyndi Lauper. My kids listen to Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift. And Pink Floyd and Cyndi Lauper. And Adele and OK Go. There’s not a lot of Wiggles being played around here I can tell you.

10. Tonka – We are always on the lookout for genuine metal Tonka trucks, not the plastic ones they are slowly being replaced with. They really are built tough.

11. Food – I love making pierogi for my kids and watching them devour it. And we are definitely a BBQ family which is a wonderful tradition to continue.

So there it is guys. A day late but a bonus item to make up for it. In other news, I haven’t missed a day of blogging this year yet! There have been a few close calls but I’m still here, 101 days in. See you tomorrow ?

10 things on the 10th

10 things about me that I’m sure drive Hubs crazy

1. I change my mind. A lot. Sometimes mid-sentence.
Sometimes we will have decided on a certain course of action, and then I’ll go away and decide that we should do it a different way, and sometimes maybe I forget to tell him about the new plan. Ha ha. Lucky for him, I changed my mind about having another baby. (He always wanted 4 or 5 or +++ but I had to come around.)

2. I ask him to do numerous tasks and expect them all to be done at once.
An example – I’ll ask him to upload some photos to the computer, and get a movie ready for the kids for Friday family movie night, and to take the rubbish downstairs, and to help Chance tidy up the Lego. Then 10 minutes later I’ll ask if he’s done.

3. I rush him.
I have this unrealistic expectation and desire that I arrive at everything “on time”. Even if there is no real “on time”. Hubs has taken to asking me “is it possible to be late for this event?” ie is there even a starting time? He has very little sense of urgency or concept of time and I know that he hates to be rushed for no good reason.

4. I complain a lot about the heat. And being tired all the time. And lots of other things.
I’m really working on my complaining. As in, I’m trying to not complain so damn much. It’s a waste of breath, it’s counter-productive and it changes nothing. It also exacerbates the situation – if I complain I’m tired instead of just getting on with things, I feel more tired, and so on.

5. I have a tendency to overreact to things sometimes.
I’m kind of a “react now, think after” kind of girl. Instead of taking a moment to evaluate, I have a tendency towards the dramatics.

6. I get cranky.
Sometimes my mood can change very quickly (I currently blame hormones!!) and Hubs is like “ummm what the heck just happened?” Then I have to try and snap out of it. Something I don’t like to do!

7. I hang my bags on the backs of chairs.
This one is just funny. Even though Hubs isn’t the tidiest Hubs in the world, he has organised piles of things and he hates things hanging on the backs of chairs/on door handles/on curtain rods. Ha ha. I’m such a shocker for this one.

8. When I tidy up I don’t necessarily put things exactly where they should go – I’m more of a stuff ‘n go kind a gal. Hey, it works for me!

9. I sometimes undercook his toast.
This one is a funny one. He told me after we had only been together for a few months, when I had made him a piece of “warm bread” as he describes it now, that he likes his toast cooked more, and that he’d rather tell me now (then) than have undercooked toast for the rest of his life. Sometimes I do it just to stir him…

10. I can sometimes be over-sensitive to my needs and very insensitive to his.
I always considered myself a very sensitive person, but I do know I can be very sensitive to my own needs and feelings and disregard others. Something I have definitely worked on over the years.

I’m lucky he’s such a patient man!

10 things on the 10th

10 things that are making me cranky/upset/frustrated that I wish I could let go

1. My milk frother. I bought this for Hubs for Christmas and have had to take it back twice for a replacement and the third one is still not working as I feel it should. Just over it.

2. The kids making a mess in the bathroom at bathtime. It’s just water. They are having fun. They are just being kids. It’s just water.

3. The kids taking a long time and multiple asking to do anything. I need to approach my way of asking better. Less hollering I suspect.

4. My family not coming for their food when I tell them it’s ready. I’m not quite ready to let this one go but perhaps I need to give more warning. 10 minutes til dinner. 5 minutes til dinner.

5. Constantly picking up toys. The same toys. Every day. Mostly Octonauts. At least they are getting played with, right?

6. Reading the same books every night. I tell the kids to get two stories each, and try to find one we haven’t read in ages. A week is ages to a 4-year-old by the way.

7. Not being able to bend over easily and tie my shoes. I know it will get harder before it gets easier.

8. Not being able to drag myself out of bed when my 6:05am alarm goes off. I was in such a great habit last year but now I’m just tired. So much of it is a mental battle and I’m afraid I’m losing that battle at the moment.

9. My apparent inability to be fun for more than 5 minutes at a time and instead just being cranky. All I can hear coming out of my mouth is “what are you doing? Stop that! I can’t believe you just did that!?”

10. The school drop off and pick up. I really don’t know how to make this easier on myself without outsourcing!

I keep waiting for things to change; for my mood to lift, to feel more rested, to be more patient, but I realise these things are going to take effort on my part. And right now I just don’t know where I’m going to find the energy to put that effort in dammit!

10 things on the 10th

10 things I could learn from my kids

1. Let it go. Just like Elsa. Kids get upset, they move on quickly (most of the time) and they let it go. Which brings me to…

2. Don’t hold a grudge. Kids just don’t remember stuff and hold onto things like adults do. When they move on, they seriously move on. Life is too short and somehow they know it!

3. Laugh even when you’re cranky. I find this one particularly tricky. When I’m cranky I do not want to crack a smile, but when my kids are upset, I can still make them laugh without too much effort. And it really diffuses the situation.

4. Play play play! Ignore the mess and play. Don’t worry about the time and play!

5. Wear whatever you want, whenever you want.

6. Eat when you’re hungry and not when you’re bored.

7. Run around and play even when it’s stinking hot. You can always cool off later.

8. Ask questions. Even if it’s driving your Mama up the wall, always be curious.

9. Get excited about the little things, like your favourite bed time story, or popcorn and ice cream on a Friday night.

10. Dance. Just dance as much as possible and as silly as you like and as crazy as you can. Dance with the people you love and allow yourself to get caught up in the music, whatever it may be.

10 things on the 10th

Everybody needs good neighbours.

This is a post that’s been on my mind for a long time, so what better time to share than on the 10th of the month. So I give you

10 reasons we have the best neighbours in town.

1. They help with the kids. From occasional babysitting, to putting on a movie for them so Hubs and I can enjoy dinner and wine and catching up, to so much in between. Oh, and they also actually like our kids which is always a bonus! But I mean, why wouldn’t they!? They’re awesome!

2. They come to our BBQs. No matter how late notice we give, if they are free, they are there.

3. They opened their house to my parents. We have a couple who live across the road and a few houses down who are my parents age, and when I asked if my parents could stay at their house while visiting us (our house is tiny) they were more than happy to take them in. And of course they all got on beautifully.

4. They opened their house to us. All five of us. When we needed to be out of our house for two weeks at the start of this renovating business, these same neighbours welcomed us with open arms, and have since told us how much they miss having us around. They loved having the kids running around (they have grandchildren around the same ages who live in the US) and the kids loved having sleepovers at their house.

5. We regularly have “combined dinners” with our across the road neighbours. Usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday, and most Friday nights, we will be at either their house or ours, enjoying a combined feast. Last night it was spag bol. And I didn’t have to cook 🙂

6. I know they will say no if they can’t help. Do you know what’s even better than people always saying yes to favours? People who will say no if they can’t help out. I will always remember, in the early days of our friendship with TomBec & Ben, I asked Bec if she could mind Darby for me for an hour and she said “I can’t this time but please ask me again next time.” That always gave me confidence to ask again, knowing that if they said yes, they meant yes. I’m finding that friends who can say no to me are more and more valuable as the years go by.

7. We share stuff. Whether it’s eggs, wine, tools or car spaces. And once this deck is complete, we shall be sharing that as well. A lot. And we certainly benefit from their fresh produce, including herbs, cherry tomatoes, spring onions and bananas, to name a few.

8. They are all just damn good company. Even after seeing them daily for the last nearly-two years, we are always keen for the next gathering. It’s easy and nice and it’s wonderful to live in such a great community.

9. They look out for our house. Even when the resident busy-body drives me crazy with his nosiness, I appreciate that people are looking out for us and our house. That is good to know, especially this year when we’ve gone away a fair bit.

10. They put our bins out when we go away. Enough said.