The Baby

So yeah! Woo!

Your questions answered:
– yes it was planned (though it happened rather quickly!)
– I’m due early December
– morning sickness (ie regular nausea) and exhaustion is all but over
– we are not going to find out the sex
– we have not chosen names

Anything else?

Looking forward to sharing updates as they come to hand 🙂

Here’s the first photo of the little footus 😉

The Mount Beauty Airport

You know how kids latch on to things and suddenly it’s all about that thing? Whenever we see a plane taking off or flying in the sky, I ask Chanbe where he thinks it might be going. This question has been met with all sorts of answers, generally places we have previously lived. And lately, for some reason, it’s been all about Mount Beauty. Every plane we see is on its way to Mount Beauty.

There isn’t even an airport there, but I don’t want to dash the little guy’s hopes. I’m sure the air strip where Hubs used to go gliding can handle all the extra traffic.
I’m also a big fan of his pronunciation of “Mount Booty”. We often wonder how our friends down there are going; how the lovely folks we met at the church are travelling along; who is now enjoying the amazing view of Mount Bogong from our old living room. That’s the thing about moving so much. You have the privilege of meeting extraordinary people from all walks of life, but then there are so many good byes to be said and so many people to wonder about.

I know the same will happen when our time comes to leave Mount Isa, and I’m sure I’ll wish I made more of an effort and complained less, so it’s certainly something I’m going to keep in the back of my mind on my return in a few weeks. Hubs leaves tomorrow to head back to work while I swan around and socialise 🙂 It’s been a really nice little family holiday and although we’d love it to continue, real life awaits.

On that note, I’m going to have a nice hot shower and get under a nice warm doona with Hubs. Too much info? Too bad 😉

The “I’ll just…”

Mama, can you play with me?
Sure Chanbe, I’ll just put this load of washing on
I’ll just finish these dishes
I’ll just hang this load out
I’ll just pick up these few toys
I’ll just get the veges ready for dinner
I’ll just finish my cup of tea
I’ll just get Quindy something to eat

I’ll just… I seem to say these 2 little words a lot during my day as a mum. All of these things listed have to be done, sure, but it’s the stopping as soon as I’ve completed one thing that I seem to struggle with. If I finish the task at hand, and Chanbe is momentarily distracted, it’s so easy to”just” quickly start the next thing. And so the cycle continues until Chanbe takes matters into his own hands and starts hassling Quindy to get my attention.

I remember hearing or reading somewhere, years before I had children, that if you give a child your immediate attention when they ask (nicely) for it more often than not, they will feel secure in that relationship and not be so in need of that constant attention, whereas the more you delay that attention, the more that seek it out.

I have no idea if that has any merit but it makes a bit of sense. So while I don’t feel that I need to drop everything every single time Chanbe wants me, I am being more aware of his request and weighing up the importance of what I’m doing. More often than not, all he wants are a couple of rounds of hide and seek or a few puzzles and he’s on his way. I know I’m going to miss it when he stops asking me to play, so I’d like to say “yes” more often than “I’ll just” in the future.

(Incidentally, the word “just” is the most commonly mis-Autocorrected  word on my phone. It usually comes up with either Jay or Keady. So ridiculous….)

The last minute post

It’s 11:20pm. Hubs and I have just finished watching X-Men: First Class. Hubs saw it without me at the movies when it first came out and I’ve been wanting to watch it for ages. I should have blogged earlier today, goodness knows I had the time, but here I am, in the 11th hour (literally!) hoping you’ll forgive the lack of enthralling content.

In hindsight I should have left all the incorrect Autocorrects in this post. That would have been pretty funny. I’m sure my new phone (Galaxy Note 2) has much worse Autocorrect ability than my Galaxy SII. But never mind. I’m quite sure that’s the definition of a first world problem.

Now it’s 11:28pm and we’re both in bed all snuggled up and warm. The light from my phone is providing the light for Hubs to read his e-book reader.

Wow Wifey. Riveting stuff.

I guess this is one of the reasons to do NaBloPoMo. To show the everyday stuff as well as the newsworthy events. Today was a nice day. Hubs gave me a sleep in, I had coffee and chats with a good friend of mine, I went for a walk… I just remembered a post I put together in my head on my walk, when I saw two 12 year old girls taking funny steps (big, small, wonky,) together add they walked along the path and I pondered the innocence of youth. But that seemed a bit cliché.

Where was I? Oh yeah. My nice day. When I got home from my walk I had a cup of tea and not long after, our friends came around for a BBQ. The three boys ran around like crazy which meant Chanbe went to sleep easily, and Quindy was out like a light as well.

So yes today was a good day.

It’s now 11:35pm and I feel as though I have waffled on enough for one day. I might try writing a little earlier tomorrow. Emphasis on try…

The three of them

Right now, this is what makes me happy. Seeing these three people. Knowing they love me and trust me and believe in me. Being able to hold them and nuzzle into their hair; to kiss them whenever I want. I tell them I love them, often. I want them to know every single day how much they mean to me, and how they keep me going when all I want to do is hide away. They make me want to tell anyone who will listen, all about them.

So, here they are.

The Lego

We are a Lego family. Hubs grew up loving Lego, and that love has never wavered. His Mum tells me about the hours and hours he would spend on the Lego mat, surrounded by the stuff, building all manner of things. When we had Chanbe, people would always ask what they could buy for him for Christmas and birthdays, and although in the beginning I would ask Hubs for gift ideas, I soon realised that this was a pointless exercise as his response was always the same.


Funnily enough, it was always the same when I asked for gift ideas for him too… and Quinndy…

Thankfully up until now, for Chanbe and Quinndy at least, it has all been about the duplo. Duplo I can see before I stand on; Duplo doesn’t get sucked up the vacuum cleaner; Duplo can’t be swallowed by a 1-year-old baby sister (though she will try!); Duplo is simple and easy – even I can make a plane out of Duplo. But Lego is another story all together. I wasn’t ready for Lego, but Hubs was, so it has been introduced into the family home.

And once we arrived at Hubs’ sister’s house, the childhood collection didn’t take long to re-surface. The problem is, it’s been years since anyone has really played with the family Lego, and all sorts of bits and pieces have been thrown in with it.

Enter Hubs; Lego organiser extraordinaire:

You can’t actually tell by the look on his face, but he’s having a great time here, sifting and sorting through decades of collected Lego. The stuff on the left of the photo (on the coffee table) is the broken bits and fake Lego that are to be repurposed/discarded. The stuff in the box is yet to be rifled through, and the big pile in front of him is what he’s been swishing around for the last 2 hours, ever since the kids went to bed. I think the sound of Lego being “sorted” may do my head in if he keeps it up all week!

One thing he has found somewhat concerning, is all the bits and pieces of Lego people, and the severe shortage of hands. He is afraid something like this may have taken place over the years:

Anyway, he’s having a lovely time playing “big boy Lego” as it is currently called in our house, with Chanbe, and looks forward to even more Lego building with Quinndy once she’s old enough. In the mean time, I’m happy to stick with the Duplo.

The Wedding and the Good Breakfast

And what a lovely wedding it was. Since becoming a marriage celebrant, I pay much closer attention to the ceremony at a wedding. This wedding was in an Anglican Church, and I must say I was very impressed with the Priest who conducted the ceremony. He made it personal by sharing a little something about his marriage; he made a timely, appropriate joke to calm the nerves a little; and I felt he really engaged with the audience with his friendly manner. He also partook in gelati with the wedding guests in the church car park afterwards! I’m not sure I could take any pointers as such, but I hope that when I am officiating at ceremonies, I am as relaxed and engaging as he was. And if not yet, then it’s certainly something to aspire to.

Here’s a photo of Hubs and I walking to the reception. Yes, he looked rather lovely too!

Hubs and I stayed at South Brisbane for 2 nights (Friday and Saturday night) and had this rather nice view from our balcony:

On Saturday morning, we went searching for a good old fashioned brunch. We checked out the menus for pretty much all of the places along Little Stanley St at Southbank, and when Hubs saw Brioche on the menu, he wanted it, and he wanted it bad. And bad it was. Actually, Hubs’ Brioche French toast wasn’t too awful, but my “Mediterranean Breakfast” was. I left half of it on the plate, and if you know me and how much I LOVE breakfast food, you know that’s a big deal. The poached eggs were not only completely cooked through, but hard and dry, the haloumi was like rubber and the toast was completely soggy. I gave them the constructive feedback, and in hindsight I should have said I didn’t want to pay for it. Has anyone ever done that??? I wouldn’t know how??

I know I seem to be complaining about food a lot lately, but I just get disappointed when we’re paying good money for bad food. Especially when Hubs makes me amazing breakfasts at home for me often.

So when we woke up this morning, we decided we needed a good brekky to make up for it. And it happened. We ended up at Paddington at a lovely place called Anouk. The service was friendly and speedy, the coffee was hot and strong and the food… aaaaaah the food. Hubs ordered the spicy creamy mushrooms with cheesy toast…

… and I ordered their simple and delicious version of Eggs Benedict:

We also ordered a fruit “shake” to share. Everything was top notch and I made sure I told them at the end. I would recommend this place and cannot wait to get back there.

A lovely Mothers Day brekky for me 🙂

The next night

Wow. That’s what a dinner out is supposed to be like. We met some friends at a place at Southbank called The Point and it was a great night out in every way.

The food was delicious, (I had prawns and gnocchi and Hubs had the brisket) the service was friendly and prompt, the ambiance was hip and happening, and as usual the company was wonderful. My dinner was simple yet so full of flavour, and not something I could easily make at home.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post about The Wedding!

The Japanese Meal

When I was down this way a couple of months ago, we got some takeaway Japanese from a local cafe/restaurant and it was quite enjoyable, so I was looking forward to taking Hubs there next time we were staying here. As soon as I made the plans to come down, I started looking forward to taking Hubs for a nice dinner out. You see, it took us 8 months to find a really nice place to go out in Townsville. We were recommended this Japanese restaurant and it did not disappoint. In fact, it was one of the best meals Hubs and I had had out all year. Although the ambiance was a bit lacking, the service wasn’t great, and the clientele was varied, the food was fresh and delicious. Like, seriously amazing. Every dish that came out was a work of art, and was hot and so tasty.

Tonight’s meal? Not so much. The entrees were pretty nice, but they just didn’t have that light, freshness that this other place had. And the main meals were huge and heavy, rather than light and delicate. There were some lovely flavours there, and the ambiance, service, and company of course were lovely (Hubs’ Mum joined us) so overall it was an enjoyable evening, but I won’t be rushing back for the main courses unfortunately.

Regardless, it’s lovely having Hubs with us again, and we have a whole week of holiday to look forward to. And I’m sure there will be lots of lovely meals, not to mention coffees, shared in that time.