Moving moving moving

It’s going well! Slowly, but well. All the new stuff is in the new place, and now the unpacking begins! I am committing to taking a box of “stuff” down to Vinnies each week at the new place, to try and de-clutter. Maybe it’ll be each month. Hmmm… Might have to think that through a bit more.

Anyway, we are all going well and I’ll be back in blogging land as soon as we work out which provider to go with up there. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep my NaBloPoMoMoMo commitment!!

An amendment

It was terribly remiss of me to forget to mention my lovely breakfast visit in Brisbane on Saturday morning with the ever delightful Kate and her gorgeous, clever, talented son Liam, who also happens to be my beautiful Godson! We had a lovely play with scrambled eggs and vegemite on toast, and as always, it was wonderful to see them.
(I had to add this in, otherwise Liam would never have forgiven me for forgetting him!!)