Squeaky McGrunty Pants

For such a little human being, Darby sure can make some noise. I’m getting used to the squeaks and snorts and grunts but I’m still amused by it all. My little man seems to be either completely content and sound asleep, or building up to get rid of gas. At either end.

After a feed, he starts with the grunting, then there’s the whinging, and then he builds up to some yelping and screaming. And then after an explosion at either end (or both!) He relaxes again, although often he’ll throw in a case of hiccups to finish things off. ย And considering how often he feeds, this process can occur every 2 or 3 hours! As Mum says, it’s really quite exhausting for everyone involved!

Hubs is on his last night shift for this block and we really should do some organising for our move in his few days off. What will most likely happen however, is going out for coffee. But I’m okay with that…

Sometimes 1 decision is enough

As I mentioned in my last post I’ve been going round in circles trying to decide on an action plan for us leaving the Isa and getting to Rocky. The problem was that there were too many options and too many variables in each option. I was going to give you some examples but honestly my brain is fried from thinking about it. So I’ll just tell you that Mum and the kids and I are flying to Brisbane next Wednesday and Hubs is staying here another week after that to finish his shifts and supervise the packing and uplift of our stuff.

After that, I don’t know. Like I said, sometimes 1 decision is enough. Hubs starts work on the 21st so as long as we’re in Rocky a couple of days before that, we’ll be right. I have a feeling I might be arriving in a new town on my birthday again, just the way we arrived in Mount Isa. Happy birthday to me ๐Ÿ™‚

So for the next week, I’m going to be culling and selling and giving away as much as I can part with. I’m trying to be ruthless, and comforting myself with the knowledge that there are op shops in Rockhampton if I need to replace things when we arrive.

Right now, Mum has taken Chanbe and Quindy to the library, and Darby and Hubs are both sleeping off their night shifts. I should also have a little nap but I’m feeling motivated so I’m going to do some squats (day 1 of a squat challenge) and then take some photos of stuff to sell.

Oh and I can’t believe it’s new years eve! I’ll probably make it to midnight but not intentionally. It will be because of this little man ๐Ÿ™‚ Totally worth it.ย 1419984593132-1240509547

No 2 days are the same

It’s tough being only days old, navigating life on the outside. Darby is doing his best to be a typical newborn, which means he’s sleeping most of the day and being awake, having nice long feeds during the night. Thankfully, with Mum here and Hubs still off work, I’m able to go back to bed once the kids get up, and generally manage to sleep til about 11 before Darby needs another feed. And by this time, Quindy is ready to go down for her sleep, and the house is quite peaceful for a couple of hours. I’ve been using this time to potter about, and have started culling clothes and kitchen stuff for the upcoming move.

I overheard Mum telling her friend on the phone tonight, every day is different, and at this stage, that is certainly true. Yesterday Darby had quite a bit of awake time during the day, so I got a two and a three hour block of sleep overnight. Today, however, he has pretty much been asleep since 9am, only waking here and there for feeds, so we could have a restless night coming up. It’s really hard to say.

Hubs has been pilfering mangoes off various public trees around town, so he has been making delicious mango lassi (basically a smoothie) at least once a day for us to enjoy. For those of you who know me very well, I know you’re thinking “but Renae hates mango!” and it’s true. I don’t like mango on its own, but I have come to appreciate it in certain things like smoothies and daiquiris!

Our very good friends, and Darby’s recently appointment Godparents, Sonia and Felix, come to visit most days which is just lovely. I really love having friends who just pop in and know they can help themselves to a drink and immediately engage with our kids. They have definitely made our time up here much more enjoyable than it would have been otherwise. We will certainly miss having them around next year.

Other than that, we are just trying to keep Chanbe and Quindy entertained during the hot days, and trying to make sure Mum doesn’t burn out from all the work of looking after them a lot of the time! We took Darby to Hubs’ Christmas party at the pub last night and of course he was a big hit. We don’t have a lot planned in the lead up to Christmas, but the countdown til we leave is on.

And of course now that I can hardly keep my eyes open, Darby is wide awake. Aaaah the joys.