There’s a hair in there

Is it just me, or are stray pieces of hair annoying to other people as well? I sometimes get a loose hair down the back of my shirt and it drives me insane. I have to go searching for it and get rid of it, otherwise it just irritates me. And for those particularly illusive ones that take a while to find, the feeling of satisfaction when you finally get that sucker out is pure bliss. I’ve even been known to utter such things as “gotcha ya bastard” or “ah ha you little sucker!” Yeah. I told you I was crazy.

And what about when you get a stray hair in your mouth?? (How many of you are gagging right now thinking of it?!) Hubs and I were briefly talking about people who chew on their hair and then get a big hairball in their stomaches that they can’t digest. Eeeeeeew! Okay, I’m gagging thinking about it now…

But yes. I was mainly talking about the hair down the back of the shirt. It drives me nuts. Is it just me???


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