A Whine

So I’ve spent most of the last few days, and particularly today, listening to Victorians whinge about the heat. Now, granted, it did reach 40 degrees yesterday, 43 degrees today, and a prediction of 40 for the next 2 days, so maybe they have something to complain about… a little… But it just didn’t stop! People were exclaiming that there should be air conditioners for all of the rooms etc etc etc. Come on people!!! Fair enough if you had more than 15 hot days per year, this might be a consideration, but a little heat for a few days? I don’t think so.

Unfortunately I had to play a touch footy game tonight, and the thing about Melbourne is that it doesn’t hit it’s top temp for the day til about 3 or 4 in the afternoon, and it stays that temp til after 9. This game was brutal. It was such a dry heat that I felt as though my insides were drying out. Not pleasant at all. But did I complain? Well, maybe a little in the end.

It’s just part of the charm of Melbourne that Hubs and I are embracing – you never know what the weather will do one hour to the next, let alone one day to the next. Perhaps that novelty has worn off with the locals though! I wonder what tomorrow will bring!?


  1. Yes, I’m afraid the “air conditioning” comment doesn’t apply to me – I work in heritage listed buildings with no air-con, but they’re brick and they are, admittedly, very cool!
    It was 45 degrees at 4:30 today, then it dropped to 35 degrees by 5! And now (8pm) it’s down to 27. Crazy stuff!!
    And I do love the longer days, sorry Dave! I think Daylight savings is a crazy thing to implement, but I’m going to enjoy it while we’re here. It’s a novelty!

  2. I saw the 7.30 report last night where the government is blaming the public transport breakdowns on the heat.

    Someone else mentioned that it needs lots of funding to address the issues, as it will only get worse with global warming. (Another example of the financial cost of NOT acting on climate change).

    Meanwhile the ACF has put out a media release about this, which includes a CSIRO projection where melbourne’s “days over 35°C” will triple.

  3. Don’t you hate daylight saving?

    Normal time doesn’t do anything about the temperature, but it reduces the time between leaving the air-conditioned office, and the blessed relief of sunset 🙂

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