Strangers in Paradise – a graphic novel

As you’ll see in an upcoming post about the San Diego ComicCon, Hubs is often encouraging me to read comic books, or moreso, graphic novels. (In fact, the Graphic Novel featured on that Wiki page was one that Hubs had me read, but it was actually a little too “graphic” for me!) So he borrowed out a copy of Strangers in Paradise from the library and I started reading it, and I gotta say, I really like it! Hubs read the forward for the book and it was about a staff member who said similar things to me like “I hate comic books, I don’t read them.” But she read the first SiP (as it’s commonly called… apparently) and after that she waited impatiently for every issue to come out. Hubs thought this might be the book that changes my attitude towards comics.

I can’t even remember which one I’m currently reading – I think it’s Volume 2. And I really want to read Volume 1 (hint hint Hubs??).

I’m finding though, that I get so engrosed in the dialogue that I sometimes forget to look at the pictures. The artwork is quite impressive, and the pictures do really add a great dimention to the story. I mean, even without the pictures I’d be pretty hooked, though, a little confused as to who was saying what!

I’ve always liked “comics” like Peanuts (my very very favourite) and Garfield (my bro’s fave) and really just the newspaper funnies on a Saturday and Sunday, but this is the first time I’ve ever read these graphic novels, and I gotta say – don’t knock it til you try it!

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