Day 25 – And the best thing about New York City is…

Monday 20th July, 2009

An amazing day – one of my favourites of the whole trip. So strap yourself in for a plethora of photos!

Caught a direct subway and jumped on the free

 to see the
and saw another
 on the way back!
We then grabbed a
 but soon realised
We then walked down
and saw the

 After that, it was time to walk over the
and take some fun photos!
oooooooh artistic!
It was VERY cool…
We then treated ourselves to
before checking this place out. Home of 18 miles of books. Brilliant!
We then accidentally found this building
which was super exciting cos I had NO idea where to look for it!
Next on the agenda was
and the view on a beautiful clear day? Breathtaking.
(VIEW from the Empire State Building)
 When I looked this way, I had this song in my head.
And then when I looked this way, I had THIS song in my head!
It was spectacular! We got sucked in to hiring an audio tour and it was totally worth it.
We then treated ourselves to ANOTHER
cos it was just soooo gooood (and cheap too!)
We decided the best way to spend the night would be with
(grape juice*)

and a little friend**
Say cheeeeeeeeese pizza!
A brilliant day and the best…. night…. ever!

**squirrel was not part of the menu

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