You’ve GOT to be kidding me…

So, remember how I told you about the chilblains? The doctor told me to make sure I kept my feet nice and warm all the time, and that would help the healing process. So that’s what I did! I wore shoes and socks EVERY DAY and slippers or thick, woolly socks at night. Then a couple of months ago I start getting these spots on my feet. They weren’t painful as such, but they were all between my toes and annoying me. So I FINALLY went back to the doctor about them this week (I’m sure he’s sick of the sight of me) and you won’t BELIEVE what he told me.

“They are heat blisters. Your feet have been kept too warm.”

Excuse me? Can you please repeat that?? First you tell me to keep my feet warm ALL THE TIME, and now you say I’ve kept them too warm?

And the treatment?
“Don’t sweat. Ha ha.”

Do I LOOK like I’m laughing buddy?

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