Flight “extras”

Since WHEN has a “seat” not been included in the cost of your flight? I have booked with both Jetstar and Tiger Air in the last month and the flight cost has been quoted to me, then I get to the “choose your seat” screen and I have to PAY for it!! Are you for REAL?? What the heck am I getting for the cost of the fare?? Can I choose NOT to sit down? Cos for $7 per person, EACH WAY, I’d be happy to stand for an hour or 2. (Okay, not really, but I needed to make my point.) I’m okay with paying for food and drinks on flights, I’m okay with paying to check in your bags, and I’m even (almost) okay with having to pay an extra $5 for extra leg room. But I draw the line at having to pay extra for any old seat.

I think this is even more dodgy than not including taxes in the fare, which, I might add, was changed a number of years ago due to legislation.

Oh, and get this, I also got slapped with a $10.91 “convenience fee”. Excuse me?? I did all the freakin’ work. I cannot BELIEVE they just charged me $10.91 to do everything myself!!!

So my “cheap fares” of $153.14 for Hubs and I to fly from Brisbane to Melbourne, has turned into the grand total of:

which includes:
Lowest Fare           $153.14  (wow! that IS low!)
2 Base Seat fees     $14.00    (wha?…. Do I get to take the seat home with me??)
1 Convenience fee  $10.91    (convenient for whom??)
Taxes                     $63.95    (after everything else, that’s just a kick in the pants)
Can you tell by all the ??? and !!! that I’m NOT HAPPY????!!!!!


  1. I think in the past, I’ve NOT chosen a seat – that means you don’t have to pay, but also means that you just turn up and don’t get to chose where you sit. Was that an option? I know that’s what happened when I flew in USA.

  2. And how about the fact that the grand total comes to an even dollar amount (with no cents)?

    It kinda gives the impression that they started with the 242 as the price they wanted to charge, and then thought up as many strange categories to put it under – in order to be able to advertise the smaller figure. (grrr)

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