A drinking game – Castle

Okay. Drinking is not a game. It’s serious business. And we conducted this experiment purely for educational and research purposes. We lined up all the South African booze alcoholic liquids we could get our hands on acquire within the constraints of our budget. The plan was for the 4 of us to try each one (and yes, share our germs) and then have a photo taken of our initial reaction. Now, granted, some of these drinks we had already tried, but there were a few surprises! I’ll (try to) blog about 1 drink each day. Are you ready?

Drink 1: Castle Lager.
And the results:
First up, Clayton


Next, Anne had a go
Not a fan
Now for Wifey’s turn
Yeah, I’ve had better
And Hubs?
ontemplative? Or satisfied…
So for Castle, we seemed to have 2 yes, 1 no and a maybe. It really was quite a bitter beer, and after drinking a few Savannas beforehand, my palate wasn’t quite ready for the shock! More fun to come tomorrow!

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