Wifey’s World Cup

There aren’t many things that will get me up at 4am. The World Cup Finals is one of the exceptions. 4 years ago, I was living with friends, one of whom was soccer mad. So much so that he dragged his mattress out into the loungeroom for the month of matches, and tried to watch every single one, regardless of who was playing, all the while holding down a (high-responsibility) full-time job.

I’m not as crazy about soccer. In fact, I don’t really like watch the Premier League or whatever they have in Europe/England. That kind of soccer annoys me. All the theatrics get old very quickly. And even though that still goes on in the World Cup finals, 4 years ago I was impressed that Australia weren’t buying into that crap.

Last night, I was disappointed that this had changed somewhat. The theatrics I saw from both Germany (my favourite was the guy who grabbed at his leg with a non-existent injury before he even hit the ground!!) and Australia last night was terribly frustrating. That’s not what I got up at 4am to watch. Nor was the thrashing that Germany dealt us. I’m not being a sore loser – all credit to Germany. Apart from the first 7 minutes where we seemed to come out kicking (so to speak) they outplayed and outclassed us in every way. They were amazing, and the skill was impressive to watch. We can all admit to that and congratulate our German friends. (Well done boys).

Where was I going with this? I think I just wanted to vent a bit. I don’t like watching Aussie football players, whom I’m used to being tough and no-nonsense players (I’ve been watching Rugby League, Union and AFL too much, clearly) taking dives and crying foul to the referee, when clearly in the replay, there was nothing to it. Why is soccer like this?? It really spoils the game for me and frustrates me no end.

On a brighter note, I also watched the opening match of the World Cup finals on Friday night between South Africa and Mexico. So many people around college had been saying how Mexico were going to win, and convincingly, and I thought “well it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s a good match.” And boy was it ever! And the best thing about it? That South Africa scored the opening goal for the whole World Cup. That was awesome. I think, unless you were born in Mexico, you were barracking for South Africa – I know I was! And not just because half of Hubs’ family are from there! Mexico equalised with a good goal, but not before the SA goal keeper had saved some absolute crackers. It really was an entertaining game, without too much theatrics, and with a near-goal to South Africa in the dying minutes that would have won them the game, and that so many people wish had gone in. They have already done their country proud.

I hope to feel that same pride – that my team has played a good, fair, competitive game, win, lose or draw, – when the Socceroos take on Ghana at midnight this Saturday. I’m proud that the Socceroos have done so well to get in to the finals, I just want them to show the world the skill and class that I know they have, and not have to play the silly sissy games that other teams feel the need to play.

This has been Wifey’s World Cup. I look forward to joining you again next week.

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