What part of “NO THANK YOU”…..

….don’t you understand?

I filled one of my asthma med scripts yesterday at the Chemist Warehouse, hoping that I would “save up to 50% on prescriptions” but it turns out that that particular med isn’t on the list. I don’t even know what “the list” is or who determines what gets on said list, but I know that my meds felt like a social outcast, and my purse felt lighter after the transaction than I had hoped.

Anyway, as I was signing the script and picking up my drugs, the Pharmacist told me that I had been “selected” to participate in the Asthma script reminder program and all I needed to do was fill in my mobile number on the form and sign it. I asked what it was about and he again said all I needed to do was fill out my mobile number and sign the form and I would get an SMS telling me when I was due to come in and get another script filled. I said I didn’t think I needed the service and AGAIN he said “Please, all you have to do is fill out the form.”

This is when I informed him that I have had asthma since I was 7 and that I had been filling my own scripts since I was 18 and assured him that I didn’t need reminding. Yet he still persisted! I was getting so annoyed. I felt like they just wanted my details so they could harass me and that I should have felt privileged that I had been “selected.” I politely refused once more and as I turned to walk away, I saw him make a face like “Okay crazy lady. Whatever.”

It just really annoyed me. I’m quite sensitive when it comes to matters of privacy, and I feel that he just expected me to hand over my details for no good reason, AND he got all weird when I wouldn’t. I’m sure Hubs thinks I was being paranoid or whatever, but I just feel like we are asked for our personal details so often that we rarely question it anymore. Well not this little asthmatic. No siree. If you want my name and number you’d better
a) have a good reason or
b) be trying to pick me up
…in which case you will have my Hubs to answer to…


  1. It’s weird that he pressured you. Me, when my pharmacist offered to send me reminder text messages I almost died with happiness (I’m constantly running out of drugs, loosing prescriptions, and heaven knows what else), but I totally understand the privacy factor.

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