A puzzling thing

I bought a puzzle for Mum a while ago that I thought we could do together when she was down here in July. Obviously we were too busy buying furniture and playing house to do the puzzle, so I whipped it out a couple of weeks ago and the 4 of us got to work on it. I had fun sorting out all the side pieces from the guts – the corners are especially fun to find, aren’t they!? Then I put the frame together. I may or may not have lost a bit of interest for a while after that…

We all had a go at it one afternoon and it started to take shape.

And this is where Hubs and Mum’s enthusiasm kicked in! They really got stuck into it. This is, of course, after Dad and I “sorted” the pieces by colour! 🙂 (That’s our story and we’re sticking to it!!) Can you see what it is slowly becoming?*

And I believe this is about how we left it last, though, it looks like Mum and Dad have done a bit more on it on the side…
Once all the fun stuff was done, and only the sky was left, Hubs all of a sudden found other fun things to do! Ha ha. I’m sure we’ll finish it off in the next few days, if Mum and Dad haven’t already!
*For those playing at home, it’s the Arc de Triomphe

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