So much to do

We leave for Melbourne on Tuesday and there seems to be so much to do before we go. Actually, we only have a to do list of 4 things, but when you have a newborn, even finding 15 minutes to clean the kitchen is a challenge! I really didn’t understand that before – how new parents don’t even have 2 minutes spare to answer a text. I mean, come on! It’s 2 minutes! But really, it’s thinking about it at the right time, knowing where your phone is, remembering who it is you’re supposed to be texting, and then hearing the baby cry, changing a nappy, doing a feed, settling him again and finding something else you’ve neglected, completely forgetting about that damn text you were going to send 2 hours earlier!! Ha ha. I’m not even kidding…

So we’re just going with it at the moment; embracing the fact that Chance has no routine and that no 2 days are the same. We’re super excited about catching up with friends and family in Melbourne, and then I’m conducting a wedding for friends tomorrow week, then we’ll be on the plane Monday to Brisbane!!! And then I’m just going to collapse in a heap 🙂 Crazy to think that we were going through the same thing this time last year, without the baby. And that was busy enough!

Anyway, here’s another photo to keep you all in suspense….


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